Our Vision

Green Intlpak Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Intlpak Enterprise, was established in 2017 with a focus on delivering sustainable packaging solutions of quality and innovation. For the purpose of its establishment, Green Intlpak uses renewable plant fibers and 100% biodegradable materials to produce packaging for customers who are environment centric. Our vision is to become strategically essential to our customers in the global market by doing what's right and valuable for customers and for environment.

Our commitment to sustainability is supported by a network of vertically integrated supply chain partners, great dedication to innovative technology development, and long-term relationships with customers. Green Intlpak’s major customers include chain food restaurants and franchises, food and beverage companies, world-class trading companies, etc. With the aim to provide safe, high quality and sustainable food packaging, we are certified by ISO 9001, ISO 22000, HACCP, FSSC2200, Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®), BPI, and OK Compost Home international certifications.

Green Intlpak positions itself as a reliable supplier of sustainable packaging to support customers to grown business in the global market. We will continue to innovate and make contributions in the packaging industry.


Logo Story

Our logo is inspired by the first 5-compartment trays produced by the company. It serves as a reminder of the company's initiative: to provide biodegradable and environment-friendly packaging solutions for a sustainable future. The center block in aqua symbolizes the ocean representing our devotion to the earth. The rest of the four blocks denote our core commitments: quality, sustainability, customer trust, and employee relations.

Our parent company, Intlpak Enterprise Co. Ltd, is a privately owned company established in Nantou, Taiwan, in 1991. The company provides advanced multi-layer plastic packaging for food, medical, electronics, optical companies, etc.
Green Intlpak Co. Ltd. is established as a subsidiary of Intlpak to take action in developing green packaging solutions and achieving a better and sustainable future for all.
Green Intlpak completes the first manufacturing facility and starts to produce 5 compartment food trays with renewable plant fibers. This funding product is where our company logo is originated from.
Green Intlpak is certified by ISO 9001/22000/HACCP
With growing demand, Green Intlpak starts to provide tailored products instead of standardized products to meet large global chain customers’ requirements.
Green Intlpak develops fluorine-free fiber pulp solutions and is the world’s first manufacturer capable of mass-producing such products.
Green Intlpak expands its manufacturing facility to 9 automatic production lines.
Green Intlpak starts to construct its second manufacturing facility.
Green Intlpak begins the certification process of Chain of Custody certified by Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®)
FSC license code. FSC®-C179198
Second manufacturing facility is expected to be in operation. 20 automatic molding production lines equipped with in line cutting and CCD aided quality inspection.